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Cargo handling services professional Credits

DAI NAM TRANSPORT INVESTMENT CO., LTD  provides dich vu boc xep hang hoa in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. We have a quick response team to serve customers 24/24 in all districts of the city.

With a professional loading and unloading team, professional service with very reasonable price, there is no extra charge.

Cargo handling services in Ho Chi Minh City Professional loading and unloading company

Receive and boc xep goods from ports, from warehouses, from public cars, from markets, supermarkets …

We do not select freight types.

24/24 service all places need us.

Cargo handling services | Professional Credits

Dai Nam loading and unloading company specializes in loading and unloading on demand, hiring workers and cung ung lao dong

Why choose Dai Nam cargo handling service?

  • We have over 10 years of experience in handling cargo.
  • We will advise you on an enthusiastic and scientific loading plan.
  • Strict quality process, absolute compliance by supervisory department.
  • Young, healthy, highly disciplined and responsible workforce. The team is well-trained, full of professional skills.
  • The workforce is not afraid of hardship and fatigue, working hard and working hard. viagra ranbaxy
  • Your goods will be cosseted carefully, we promise not to damage, breakage.
  • If damage occurs, we undertake to pay damages to you.
  • Your goods will be unloaded quickly, saving maximum time and effort ..
  • Reasonable economy, maximum cost savings for you.
  • Price and execution time.
  • The contract will be agreed upon according to your loading and unloading requirements.
  • The service is committed to being the most affordable price in the market.
  • The execution time will be at your request regardless of the time, whether on holidays, holidays, late nights, etc.

Working style of Dai Nam loading and unloading company

Dai Nam’s motto is “Customer satisfaction is the success of our company”.

1) Working style is agile and efficient.

2) High spirit, attitude, sense of service.

3) Honest, careful and respectful customers.

4) No speech, behave lack of culture.

5) The customer is the existence of our company.

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