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How to easily identify real or fake steel in order to avoid buying fake, poor quality goods.

Real Vietnam Japan steel box: Identify with the naked eye. There will be dark blue, ribbed steel ribs and less discoloration. Imitation Vietnamese box steel: dark green and heavily discolored ribbed steel.

Vietnam Japan steel box has 2 main types.

Rectangular steel box: measured in tons. The diameter of each roll is from 1 to 1. Top 5 Online Slots, Video Slots, Card Slots, Jackpot Slots. 5m.
Square box steel: 11.7m long, with ribbed bars.
Real Vietnam Japan steel box: recognizes the characteristic of apricot with the logo embossed on the steel tree and engraved with the letters HPS. In particular, carved with diameter and steel grade. Fake Vietnam Japan steel: the logo is not clear, even some steel bars do not have apricot or not prominent, vague.

You should touch by hand the steel bar. Holding the steel rod and trying to bend it, we will feel that the steel bar is slightly soft, the steel bar has ductile ductility and the twist of the rebar is both round and very strong. The fake Vietnam-Japan steel: hardened steel and floating ribs are not as obvious as real steel.

After applying all three ways of identification, we can ask the agent, the store where we plan to purchase, provide Vietnam-Japan steel quotes for comparison. Because, Vietnam Japan steel is always appreciated for high quality in the construction industry. Plus, the price is moderately competitive, not too harsh. Therefore, the price comparison is very reasonable. Avoid the case, quotes are too cheap and entangled with poor quality goods.
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