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Price list of H-shaped cheap steel with the best quality in 2020

Price list of H-shaped cheap steel with the best quality in 2020. Grasping the increasing construction demand, so many specialized units operating in the field of sand, stone, cement, iron and steel were born. However, if customers want to ensure the safety of the project, as well as the Price list of H shaped steel. It is advisable to find out more experienced distributors to avoid money loss loss


The updated H-shaped steel quotation has enough information. Call the hotline below for the fastest consultation support Hotline: 0313694028 – 0919 741 066 – 0988 707 505

Product’s name Length Weight Unit price into money
(Tree) (Kg / Tree) (VND / Kg) (VND / Tree)
H-shaped steel 100x100x6x8 12m 202.80 13,900 2,818,920
H-shaped steel 125x125x6.5 × 9 12m 285.60 13,900 3,969,840
H-shaped steel 150x150x7x10 12m 378.00 13,900 5,254,200
H-shaped steel 175x175x7.5 × 11 12m 484.80 13,900 6,738,720
H-shaped steel 200x200x8x12 12m 598.80 13,900 8,323,320
H-shaped steel 250x250x9x14 12m 868.80 13,900 12,076,320
H shaped steel 294x200x8x12 12m 669.80 13,900 9,310,220
H-shaped steel 300x300x10x15 12m 1128.00 13,900 15,679,200
H-shaped steel 340x250x9x14 12m 956.40 13,900 13,293,960
H shaped steel 350x350x12x19 12m 1664.00 13,900 23,129,600
H-shaped steel 400x400x13x21 12m 2064.00 13,900 28,689,600
H-shaped steel 440x300x11x18 12m 1448.00 13,900 20,127,200

Price list of H-shaped cheap steel with the best quality in 2020

You can safely contact our company Manh Cuong Phat for instructions in the most detailed way. Order high-quality supplies, Bảng báo giá thép hình H free from impurities. Our motto is to say no to fake and shoddy goods. Helping all construction works achieve absolute certainty, at reasonable prices

As one of the prestigious units, leading the construction materials industry today in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the country in general. Our building materials company offers Price list of H shaped steel a wide variety of building materials products. To meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. Get started now, we are awaiting your deposit.

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