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Quotation I shaped steel cheap quality best reputation in 2020

Quotation I shaped steel cheap quality best reputation in 2020. Quotation of construction steel provide all the price information in August 2019 for you to follow and capture.

Along with the strength of infrastructure types, the field of steel cultivating the Bảng báo giá thép hình i is increasingly being formed and developed.


The price list of I-shaped steel is subject to change at any time. So to know the most accurate price, please contact our hotline.

Product’s name Length Weight Unit price into money
(Tree) (Kg / Tree) (VND / Kg) (VND / Tree)
I-shaped steel 100x55x4.5 6m 56.80 14,700 834,960
I-shaped steel 120x64x4.8 6m 69.00 14,700 1,014,300
I-shaped steel 148x100x6x9 12m 253.20 14,700 3,722,040
I-shaped steel 150x75x5x7 12m 168.00 14,700 2,469,600
I-shaped steel 194x150x6x9 12m 358.80 14,700 5,274,360
I-shaped steel 200x100x5.5 × 8 12m 255.60 14,700 3,757,320
I-shaped steel 250x125x6x9 12m 355.20 14,700 5,221,440
I-shaped steel 300x150x6.5 × 9 12m 440.40 14,700 6,473,880
I Steel 350x175x7x11 12m 595.20 14,700 8,749,440
I-shaped steel 400x200x8x13 12m 792.00 14,700 11,642,400
I-shaped steel 450x200x9x14 12m 912.00 14,700 13,406,400
I Shaped steel 482x300x11x15 12m 1368.00 14700 20,109,600

Quotation I shaped steel cheap quality best reputation in 2020

– Aiming at the universality in the field of trade should be outside the price list of construction steel

We also embark on cooperation with famous iron and steel brands such as:

Southern steel, Pomina steel, Vietnam Japan steel, …

Construction sand: yellow sand, tan Chau sand, construction sand, ..

construction purlin price list: purlin box, black pipe, galvanized ..

Quotation of construction corrugated iron sheet: Heat secret steel sheet, rolled steel roofing sheet, square corrugated iron sheet, …

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